No Sew Candy Wrapper Pouch

I found this and it looked so easy that I had to try it right away. Guess what, It WAS super easy!

Materials you’ll need:

Candy wrappers/candy bag


Duct tape (any color/pattern you’d like)

Zipper (I used the 7 inch 18 cm ones, but that depends on the size you’re going to make your pouch)




You can use just about any candy wrapper. I suggest the first one you make be from a plastic candy bag of some sort, it’s much easier to work with than paper wrappers, or using a bunch of wrappers for one pouch.

Cut your bag open so it’s a big rectangle.


Now turn it over and start to cover the back with duct tape. If you’re using multiple wrappers (like starburst wrappers) then I suggest getting a sheet of duct tape and sticking the wrappers to the top of it.



Then you’re going to cut any tape that may be hanging over the edge.


Turn it back over so the front is facing you and place your zipper upside down on the top of the bag as shown.


Then just simply staple the zipper to the bag. Try and make the line of staples as straight as you can.



Now flip the bag back over and fold the staples down.


Then place a piece of duct tape over the staples to secure them.


Now fold your bag in half so the inside of the bag is facing out and so the zipper is lined up with the top.


Make sure to unzip the zipper. This is so we can flip it inside out later.


Now staple the zipper to the other side of the bag like we did before.


Turn the bag over and, again, fold the staples over and place a piece of duct tape over them to secure.



We’re almost there!!!  Just staple the sides. Again, try and get a straight line of staples close to the edge.


Now put a piece of duct tape over the staples and fold it over to the other side.


Now all that’s left is to flip it inside out! Be VERY careful and go slow!


That’s it! You just made an awesome pencil pouch/make up bag/ whatever you want it to be!


Now be creative!  You can make these bags with just about anything! Keep in mind that paper is going to be more stiff and harder to flip at the end, but if you’re careful you can pull it off!



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